Manny Heating and Air Conditioning is one of the only company’s in Los Angeles that specializes in gravity feed furnaces and floor heater. Gravity furnaces are some of the oldest furnaces that were installed in basements during the early 1900's. Gas burners get the fire-box hot and heat rises quietly through the heat ducts without fans. 

Many gravity furnaces being used today are dangerous. Their fire-boxes and vent systems should be inspected, every year, for cracks that could release carbon monoxide into the home or cause house fires. Gravity furnaces have metal air ducts that are covered with asbestos. This asbestos covering can be hazardous to your health when tampered with, in any way, including when the asbestos ducts are disturbed accidentally by workers, or when rust creates holes in the metal ducts. 

Holes in the metal ducts cause asbestos to contaminate the living space inside the home. Gravity furnaces are very simple to repair. The solenoid valve, pilot generator, and wall thermostat are similar to the more modern wall and floor furnaces. Some gravity furnaces have a high-limit switch that will shut off the furnace when the fire-box gets over-heated. The vent system on gravity furnaces are usually on the back of the furnace behind the large ducts. These vents are difficult to see and are seldom inspected.



Roger D. - September 2000